Flexx Canine Base VRChat Avatar

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What is Flexx?

Flexx is a canine VRChat Avatar Base that you can customize to your liking!
Its a collaboration work between @Fleurfurr and @RisingVeXxJoin us and our community on Discord:
If you purchase Flexx, make sure to get your Certified role by filling the Flexx Certification Form included in your receipt and main folder.
Flexx will have full support and will be updated and improved as the time goes on

What's included in this product?

Flexx Unity Package ready to be imported to unity and uploaded to VRChat
2 Sets of textures (Fox and Coyote)
Layered .psd textures for customization (Including UV Layer)
Import and upload instructions.
Terms of service document.

Features :

Works in VRChat and uses SDK 3.0
Scene with the model already set up
Fullbody Tracking compatible
Separated meshes and materials for easy customization
Dynamic bones on Hair, Ears and Tail with colliders on both hands
Custom expression menu with custom icons
5 Face expressions triggered via hand gestures or the expression menu
Customizable body type via expression menu
Tail and shirt toggles via expression menu
Puppet control for the tail via expression menu
2 Set of default textures (Fox and Coyote)


Dynamic bones plugin is already set up, but its not included. Make sure to import it before importing the package if you want dynamic bones.
Suggested shader:
Poiyomi Toon Shader

Terms of Service:
By purchasing this item, you agree with the following terms:

Change Log:
v1.1 : Bug Fixes
V1.2: Added Physic Bones compatibility. Dynamic bones are no longer needed.

Things you can do with Flexx:

Upload as Private
Use the model on VRChat and other software (Only includes VRChat support)
Customize the model any way you want only for yourself.
Commission another Discord Certified members.
If you want to commission someone for an edit (3d or texture), both parties should own the Flexx Base

Things you can't do:

Upload as Public
Share, resell, redistribute any part of the package (3D model, textures, animations) Not even to close friends.
Remove the card inside the model
Use inapropiate edits on public worlds
Sell derivated products of the 3D Model
Claim that you created the avatar.
Trade ownership of the avatar.

This purchase is not refundable.
Keep in mind that you are purchasing a digital asset. Since you are getting access to the files inmediatly after purchase, we can't issue any refunds.
If you have any issues uploading the model or importing the package, feel free to ask for help in our official Discord server.

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What's Included

Unity Package Ready to be Uploaded
Layered .PSD Files
2 Sets of textures (Fox and Coyote)
45.2 MB
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Flexx Canine Base VRChat Avatar

68 ratings
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